Oblique table lamp

Design: Tom Stepp – 1979/2019
“Oblique Brass” was introduced in 2019 in celebration of the 40 years anniversary in 2019 of the Oblique collection. Stem and joint is made of solid brushed brass coated with a transparent lacquer to prevent tarnish and make the brass always look nice and spotless.
Oblique is a timeless and elegant lighting collection with exceptional details, finishing and functionality.
The asymmetrical design of the lamp shade ensures a glare-free light, ideal for reading and task light.
The on/off switch, elegantly positioned on the tilt- and turnable lamp head, makes Oblique flexible and easy to adjust and operate.
Oblique is the perfect reading light and is suitable for both private and public applications.
The Oblique collection also includes a matching floor lamp and wall lamp.
Manufactured in Denmark.

Oblique Table Brass/Olivegreen

Nola at
Hotel Kong Arthur

4-star  hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen has undergone a thorough renovation.
The new rooms are funished with our Nola lamps.

Jäggi Chur Dobas Eggy Pop

Eggy Pop &
Fine Jewelry

Jaeggi AG is a family owned, exclusive jeweller/watchmakers shop in Chur, Switzerland. Jaeggi AG was founded in 1923 and is today owned and run by the founder’s grandson. Their current shop opened in 2013 and was designed by Dobas AG. Eggy Pop pendants in an elegant  cluster plays a central role in the shop’s beautiful design.
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